Magnetic Sensitivity 0-5V Output 0-360 degrees Hall Angle Sensor P3022-V1-CW360

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 Small size, the maximum outer diameter of 22mm
 Full 360 ° no dead angle measurement
 Linearity is ±0.3% F.S.
 Output signal 0-5V DC
 Supply voltage 5V DC
 Angle Direction: Clockwise rotation of the rotary
 Long product life.
 Small rotational torque
 Aluminum shell
 Easy to install



P3022series of miniature non-contact angle sensor
works through the principle of electromagnetic
induction, the angle is converted to an electrical signal.
When the rotation angle of the object passed to the axis
of rotation sensors, P3022 angle sensor outputs an
electrical signal that is proportional to the rotational
This series of products using hard aluminum alloy
material shell; Hall-type non-contact technology, P3022
series angle sensor has the advantages of non-contact
angle sensor, and the use of high-quality imported high
quality stainless steel high speed bearing member, so
that it reduced frictional resistance when measuring the
minimum, not because of the wear surface
measurement component caused decrease
measurement accuracy, long service life theoretically
unlimited; the product compact structure, small size,
optional strong, high resolution, smooth rotation
dynamic noise in addition to the excellent performance
suitable for electromagnetic interference outside the
water, oil, vibration, shock and other harsh industrial
environment, is a cost-effective non-contact angle sensor.



 Manipulators
 Textile Machinery
 Construction machinery
 Hydraulic cylinders Systems
 Testing Machine
 Automotive Test
 medical instruments



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