U9845 4-channels Meter Impulse Winding Tester

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Product model: U9845 Impulse Winding Tester

  • Power supply: 220V±10%  50Hz±5%
  • Pulse voltage: 100V~5000V, 10V step,5%±10V
  • Inductance measuring range: ≥20uH
  • Pulse energy: Max.: 0.25 Joule
  • Sampling rate: 100Msps
  • Determination method: Area, differential area, corona and differential phase
  • Number of high-voltage channels: 4

Brief Introduction:

U9825/U9845/U9805X series impulse winding tester adopts high stability & high-voltage impact power and thyristor module controlled high-voltage switching devices, which bring a substantial increase in the stability and reliability of the product. With advanced 32 bit CPU and high speed FPGA, 100Msps sampling rate and memory depth of 6500 bytes make the test more precise; the use of high speed testing technique make the maximum test speed up to 12 meas/sec.


■ Delta and star connection of three-phase machine, Primary and secondary windings, primary and secondary secondary windings, primary and secondary + primary and secondary windings of single-phase machine can be tested; satisfying motor interturn testing of all series (U9845, all-powerful motor test)
■ Provide 8-channel sweep test at most (U9805X)
■ Two-channel comparison test, dispense with standard waveform acquisition
■ 65k color 7" TFT high definition display screen, selectable Chinese and English interfaces
■ Waveform sampling rate:100Msps; memory depth: 6500bytes
■ Max. Test speed: 12 meas/sec
■ Four waveform comparison methods: Area, differential area, corona and differential phase
■ Strong corona analysis and extraction function (several corona modes and corona display function) to excavate potential defective insulation of products
■ Excellent test repeatability to guarantee stable measurement
■ Instrument parameters automatic storage and boot-up file load function
■ Vertical exaggeration, horizontal zoom and movement of waveforms for detail observation
■ Sample average function, average processing of 32 standard waveforms
■ Automatic standard acquisition mode to select suitable sampling rate
■ Destructive testing bring the right test voltage for you
■ Fast test mode can make real-time change of impulse voltage and sampling rate
■ Imposed demagnetized impulse to ensure the conformity of the tested waveforms
■ 20000 pieces of historical measured data storage and discrimination statistics function; can be saved to the U-disk
■ Directly save the screen pictures (BMP, GIF, PNG) or waveform data to U-disk through SAVE key
■ System firmware upgrade through U-disk
■ Foot switch interface for easy and fast measurements
■ Handler、RS232C、USB Device、USB Host and GPIB(option)

Comparison test function:

Without collecting standard waveforms, the consistency of two tested coils can be compared rapidly.